Los Santos International (LSAP) has remained as probably the most frequented mainland airport mapped by the Rockstar Team for years on San Andreas Pilots.

Los Santos International (LSAP)



Air Traffic




Runway 27L/9R

Asphalt, 659m

Runway 27R/9L

Asphalt, 659m









It is located in the southernmost part of Los Santos.


There are two runways at Los Santos, connected to each other by a curve on the eastern side of the airport. Each runway is the same length and are both very wide. The southern passes five aircraft hangars, while the northern one, the most frequently used, passes several parks and gates for aircraft of just about any size to taxi into and park.

Aircraft & VehiclesEdit

Los Santos International hosts an array of different aircraft, from big to small.

At Los Santos, there are:

  • AT-400 (3)
  • Nevada (3)
  • Shamal (3)
  • Beagle (4)
  • Stuntplane (7)
  • Dodo (4)
  • Leviathan (1)
  • Maverick (6)
  • Sparrow (2)

As with most main airports, Los Santos is host to many land vehicles as well, for baggage, emergencies and more.

At Los Santos, there are:

  • Fire Truck (3)
  • Ambulance (3)
  • Tanker (2)
  • Coach (3)
  • Baggage (3)
  • Tug (2)

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