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Welcome to The SAP Wiki!

The ultra-mega database for all things SAP-related! Being a SA-MP server, the San Andreas Pilots server is designed to make a more realistic flying experience, and this Wiki is to improve knowledge about custom islands, airports and much, much more.

More Detail, More About LocationsEdit

Here on The SAP Wiki, instead of having a mess of numbers and stuff, we make it simpler and put more detail into locations, arguably one of the best and most enjoyable parts of SAP.

The SAP Wiki TimesEdit

Wiki Opened! (31/7/10)Edit

On the 31st of July, 2010, The SAP Wiki was opened with notable encouragement from Evel, DarK_Wisper and swat47. Opened by Roardle, the Wiki is designed for the purpose to bring new knowledge into the game, with more detail but less fancy wording than SAP Book. With love and care, The SAP Wiki will hopefully grow and become one of the top resources of information for the San Andreas Pilots SA-MP server.

Latest activityEdit

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